Wikigains Reviews 5 Mobile Apps To Help You Save Money

Wikigains Reviews 5 Mobile Apps To Help You Save Money

Jun 11, 19
Lillian Sullivan
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With the smartphone in your pocket, you have a powerhouse of coupons and deals with you at all times. Whether you are at home or on the move, you can use mobile apps to save money. However, there are so many apps today that it can be confusing for a shopper. To make it easier for you, Wikigains, a reputed UK voucher site has reviewed the top 5 mobile apps that can help you save good money.

#1. Dealnews

Are you always looking for deals to help you save money? The Dealnews app makes it easier for you by listing more than 300 best deals available in your location. If you are not sure about the type of savings you are looking for, this can be a quick and useful guide.

With this free app on your mobile phone, you can find the deals anywhere and save on a wide range of products. The app updates every day so you can expect to find a fresh list with new and better deals.

#2. SavingStar

If you are the kind of person who does a lot of in-store savings cards, this is a great app worth trying. Just download the app on your mobile phone and you can use it to send coupons to your saving cards directly.

SavingStar is typically for the grocery stores that enable you to clip and use the coupons right from the app. You certainly can’t ignore this kind of convenience and opportunity to save money.

#3. Yowza

With this free app, you can save money beyond just grocery items. It gives you access to coupons and deals for a plethora of items including clothes, food, entertainment, car repair services, and so on. As this app is location based, it sends you alerts whenever a nearby store releases a new offer.

#4. CVS App

This free mobile app functions like an online store and enables you to order products directly from the smartphone. Shoppers can view the list of coupons and use the relevant ones to save money on their purchases. To use this app, you will need a CVS app which may be a good investment if you are a loyal customer of CVS.

#5. Cartwheel by Target

This is a Target-owned app for customers who frequently purchase from them. You can find the latest coupons and deals listed in the app. It allows you to use all coupons together by simple scanning the bar code offered in the app.

Wikigains says that user interface of the app makes it easy for shoppers to find the newest deals and those that are about to expire soon. You can also sort the deals based on the amount of discount offered.


Besides the top 5 mobile apps mentioned above, you may also download the mobile or app versions of coupons sites like As the savvy shoppers today prefer to buy online and always search for coupons before checking out, it’s essential for coupon sites to be easily accessible on the mobile platform.

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