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Difference Between Linux Vps Hosting And Windows Vps Hosting

Jun 03, 20
Lillian Sullivan

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The operating system of your VPS server plays a crucial role in its performance and server management. It is an important decision and must be taken after careful consideration of various aspects. There are two operating system options available in VPS Hosting – Windows and Linux VPS with each offering certain advantages and disadvantages. Today, we will talk about the difference between the two and help you make a decision.

VPS Hosting is a hosting service wherein your website is stored on a virtual server. The web host creates multiple virtual servers by dividing a physical web server using virtualization. Each virtual account enjoys account isolation and dedicated resources, making it a powerful hosting option for websites. VPS Hosting offers the benefits of a dedicated server without burning a hole in your pocket.

Difference Between Linux Vps Hosting And Windows Vps Hosting

Feature Linux VPS Hosting Windows VPS Hosting
Cost Being an open-source operating system, Linux free. Hence, Linux VPS Hosting plans are cheaper than Windows VPS Hosting plans. Windows, being a commercial operating system, comes at a price. Hence, these plans are costlier than Linux VPS plans.
Usability Linux VPS servers are a good fit for websites that do not have high-end functionality requirements from the server. Windows VPS servers can be used for highly specialized tasks and hence the higher price tag.
Language Support With Linux, you can choose from a wide range of coding languages like Ruby on Rails,  PHP, CGI, Perl, etc. this adds to the flexibility of the operating system and is less restrictive as compared to Windows. With Windows, you have the option of using ASP and ASP.NET to create your website. If you want to create a site based on Microsoft software, then a Windows VPS is a good choice. However, for other languages, you will need to create exceptions.
Ease of Use Linux requires a certain level of technical expertise to run and manage the VPS. However, if you have the required knowledge, then a Linux VPS is easier to use than a Windows VPS. With Remote Desktop access, you can run and manage your VPS from anywhere without requiring any technical expertise.


Summing Up

As you can see, Windows and Linux VPS Hosting are suited for different hosting requirements. Therefore, choosing the right one depends upon the hosting requirements of your website. Before you make the decision, assess your site and look for features that can help you run and manage things efficiently. Most people have used a Windows computer in their life, and hence a natural preference towards a Windows VPS is obvious. However, it is important to remember that web hosting is different from regular computer use and requires certain functionalities that you have never used before. Research well, talk to the hosting provider and consider all aspects before you buy the VPS. Remember, this is an important decision and will determine the way you manage the VPS and your website. Good Luck!